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Main Stage Programme

Digital Twin

10:30 – 10:50

Enhancing Smart Site Safety with BIM & Digital Twin technology

Ir Terence LUI

CEO & Founder

Varadise Limited

10:50 – 10:58

New Era of Digitalisation for AEC Industry

Mr. Danny CHOW

Sales Director

Reality Capture Hong Kong Limited

10:58 – 11:06

The Digital Twin Technology to the Transformation of Construction Industry

Mr. Eric YAU

Senior Geospatial Manager

Ambit Geospatial Solution


11:06 – 11:26

Autodesk BIM Solutions

Mr. Waiky LEUNG

Sales Manager, AEC Industry

HK & Macau, Autodesk

11:26 – 11:34

Digital Construction

Mr. Stephen LEE

Account Manager

Bentley Systems Hong Kong Limited

11:34 – 11:42

What you BIM is what you get - The Powerful Constructible BIM Technologies and Innovation Platform developed by Trimble

Mr. Kevin WONG


Civilconnect Limited

11:42 – 11:50

Vision of Future Engineering - One Touch One Design

Mr. Ken MAO

BIM Manager

Wings & Associates Consulting Engineers Limited

11:50 – 11:58

GIS Empowering Construction Digitalization for a Sustainable Future

Mr. Kevin CHAN

Senior GIS Consultant

Esri China (Hong Kong)

11:58 – 12:18

Why BIM is still Bankrupting Your Firm

Mr. Eugenio FONTAN

BIM Expert

Graphisoft Asia Limited

Process Digitalisation

12:18 – 12:38

Smart Construction in the New Era

Ms. Carling WHITTLE

Assistant Vice President, Mobile Solutions Development and Consulting


12:38 – 12:46

How to manage construction and asset data throughout the building lifecycle?

Mr. Wilson LI

Business Development Manager

isBIM Limited

12:46 – 12:54

How digitalization facilitate and benefit our construction industry

Mr. Dennis CHEUNG

Director (Technology)

Mattex Asia Development Limited

12:54 – 13:02

Smart e-tendering: Empowering standardization, compliance and sustainability in procurement

Mr. Dickens KWOK

Senior Business Consultant

Computer And Technologies International Limited

13:02 – 13:10

Digital Journey - Making Design Constructible and Assets Manageable

Mr. David DAWSON

Global General Manager – Industrial

DBM Vircon

BEAM Workshop

14:30 – 16:30

BEAM Workshop

BEAM Society

Green & Sustainability

16:30 – 16:50

Innovating to Accelerate Sustainability in the Construction Industry - Environmental Social & Governance(ESG) Recognition Scheme

Mr. WONG Siu-han, Rex, JP

Honorary Secretary cum Chairman of Health and Safety Committee

Hong Kong Construction Association

16:50 – 17:10

Green & Sustainability & Digitalisation

Mr. Etienne FAYETTE

Head of Digital, Innovation and Transformation

Dragages Hong Kong Limited

Mr. Steven WANG

Deputy Construction Manager

Dragages Hong Kong Limited

17:10 – 17:18

Sustainable Building & Construction Materials Technologies for Hong Kong

Mr. Kenny SIU

Business Development Manager

Nano and Advanced Materials

17:18 – 17:26

Turning Plastic Waste Into Sustainable Concrete

Mr. Shervin SHARGHY



17:26 – 17:34

A Revolutionary and Innovative Eco-friendly PV System for Greener Future - Air Improvement PhotoVoltaic Energizing Skylight (AIPV System)

Mr. Brian CHENG


GreenWalls Bioengineering (HK) Limited

Frankie FAN

Technical Officer

GreenWalls Bioengineering (HK) Limited

17:34 – 17:42

Green & Sustainability

Ms. Zoe YUNG

Assistant Commercial Manager

ASB Biodiesel (Hong Kong) Limited

17:42 – 17:50

A New Generation Battery for Smarter Construction

Mr. Matt CHAN

Head of Sales and Business Development, North Asia

Ampd Energy

17:50 – 17:58

Green & Sustainability

Mr. TSE Kwok-hung, Ivan

Senior Proposal Manager

Zhen Hua Engineering Co. Limited


10:30 – 10:50

What else required for a Successful MiC

Sr Stephen LEE


Chun Wo Construction Holdings Company Limited

10:50 – 10:58

US High Rise MiC Project Experience Sharing

Mr. Yang CHEN

R&D Director

CIMC Modular Building Systems Holding Co. Limited

10:58 – 11:06

AMRs for Construction Industry

Mr. CHOI Wai-fung, Jonny

Project Director

IG Inno Limited

11:06 – 11:14

Construction Innovation Product

Mr. LAM Chi-wang, Alfred


Hong Kong Professional Hoisting Engineering Association

11:14 – 11:22

Chevalier MiC System

Mr. John CHOW

Assistant General Manager

Chevalier (Construction)


11:22 – 11:42

Construction Innovation and Digitalization of Cross Bay Link

Mr. WANG Yan-hua

Managing Director

China Road and Bridge Corporation

11:42 – 11:50

Prefabricated All-in-One solution for DC

Mr. Raymond LEUNG

Chief Technology Officer

Huawei International Co. Limited

11:50 – 11:58

We live timber engineering

Ms. Phyllis CHONG

Business Development Manager (Asia)

Rubner Holzbau

11:58 – 12:06

Fibrpro® Synthetec® – The Story of A Hong Kong Developed Stonec® – The Story of A Hong Kong Developed Stone

Dr. Tin WONG

Engineering Manager

Fibrpro International Limited

12:14 – 12:22

Digitalization, Green & Sustainability

Mr. Steven LEE

Engineering Manager


12:22 – 12:42

Fast construction, way to solution

Mr. HUANG Jiang

Executive Vice President

China State Construction Engineering (Hong Kong) Limited

Smart Construction Site

14:30 – 14:50

Disruptive Innovation: Smart & Connected Construction Site

Mr. Paul EVANS

Executive Director and Chief Technology Officer

Gammon Construction Limited

14:50 – 14:58

Smart Site Management of Central Kowloon Route Project

Ms. CHENG Shu-wai, Shirley

Senior Resident Engineer

Central Kowloon Route Project

14:58 – 15:06

CONDUCTOR: Unleashing synergy for smart and sustainable construction

Mr. Felix CHAN

Senior Consultant


Mr. Raymond KWOK

MEP & Innovation Head

Swire Properties

15:06 – 15:14

Smart Construction can be achieved as simple as ABCDE

Dr. Lawrence POON

General Manager, Smart City

Hong Kong Productivity Council

15:14 – 15:22

Smart site management through CDMP - Construction Data Management Portal


General Manager

Spatial Technology Limited

15:22 – 15:30

Digital Twin for Smart Construction and Safety Management

Ms. WONG Ching-to, Jackie

Head of Business Development 

Chain Technology Development Co. Limited

Sensing Technologies

15:30 – 15:38

Path to innovative data management on construction sites

Mr. Francesco TIZZANI

Group Manager of Digital Construction

Leighton Asia

15:38 – 15:46

High Precision GNSS Digital Twin Implementation in Construction Sites

Mr. William YIP


Strobus (Far East) Limited

15:46 – 15:54

New Technology and Development in Real-time Vibration Monitoring

Mr. Darrin COUCH


Global Sensing Solutions

15:54 – 16:02

Weight-Eye: Remote Monitoring System for Real-time Vehicle Weight using innovative non-mechanical weight sensors

Mr. Terence MA

General Manager

DigiMobi Technology Limited

16:02 – 16:10

The new generation of Health Alert system in construction sites (Smart Watch)

Mr. David NG


Letsapp Limited

16:10 – 16:18

Karta-X Safety Solution - SaferAI (Smart Construction)

Mr. Warren PAAU



16:18 – 16:26


陳瑞中 先生 / 朱萬成 先生 / 羅惠媚 女士

首席執行官 / 研發總監 / 業務及行政經理


Robotics & Machinery

16:26 – 16:46

Enhance productivity and safety on job sites with robotic and connected solutions

Ms. Alison LEE

Head of Marketing

 Hilti (Hong Kong) Limited

Mr. Ethan TAI

Product Portfolio Manager

Hilti (Hong Kong) Limited

16:46 – 16:54

The Uniqueness of SQD Construction Robots

Ir Kenneth PAK

Chief Project Officer

SquareDog Robotics Limited

16:54 – 17:02

The innovation and application of construction robotics

Mr. Sam XUE

Engineering Director

Hong Kong Center for Construction Robotics Limited

17:02 – 17:10

The Latest Evolution in Equipment Safety Tech (Construction Industry)


Tak Lee Machinery Company Limited

Mr. Daniel LEANEY

Tak Lee Machinery Company Limited

17:10 – 17:18

Innovative solutions for MEP industry

Mr. Michael REN

Director of Innovation

CSC Robotic Engineering Limited

Smart Construction Site

14:30 – 15:00

Innovative Equipment for Domestic Renovation

Ms. Joyce CHOW

Assistant Environmental Protection Officer (Assessment & Noise)14

Environmental Protection Department, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

15:00 – 15:30

Technology Applications in Monitoring and Facilitating Repair, Maintenance, Alternation and Addition (RMAA) Work

Mr. Tony CHAN

Safety Manager

Kai Shing Management Services Limited

Smart City

15:30 – 15:50

Fast Track to a Sustainable and Digital-driven City

Mr. Thomson LAI

Managing Director, Digital


15:50 – 15:58

The Development of 3D Digital Map of Hong Kong

Mr. CHEUNG Wing-kai, Alvin

 Senior Land Surveyor

Lands Department

Smart Operation & Monitoring

15:58 – 16:18

Why Smart Construction matters in driving efficiency in the race to net zero

Mr. Gideon SO

Executive - Business Development

Asite Solutions (HK) Limited

16:18 – 16:26

Smart Building to Smart Living

Mr. Percy KWOK


Metersquare Limited

16:26 – 16:34

Safe Confined Space Drone Inspection - Introduce the next generation inspection drone Flyability Elios 3

Mr. Kevin SO

Business Development Director

Dronesurvey Asia

16:34 – 16:42

Wall Plumbness Analysis (Elevator Shaft)

Mr. Louis LI

Product Manager

Sigma Mascot (HK) Limited

16:42 – 16:50

Smart Urban Water Supply Systems

Prof. Moez LOUATI

Research Assistant Professor

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, HKUST

16:50 – 16:58

Filtering and Disseminating BIM via CDE

Mr. Welie NG

General Manager

ConTech Point Company Limited

16:58 – 17:06

MTR’s Transformation and Digitization Journey

Mr. Dan WONG

General Manager - Global Innovation


17:06 – 17:14

Asset management with digital construction: unlocking a sustainable future

Ms. Anita CHAU

Head of Ecosystem Development


Opportunity for Young People

10:30 – 10:55

Embracing a new era of technology and innovation with appropriate learning agility


11:00 – 11:15

Young engineer sharing: Constructing our common future: from Lego to bridges

Mr. Chevy CHAN



Sharing from our young creative minds

11:30 – 11:45

Young Innovator Sharing 1: Cable-driven robot system for physical contact-based façade inspection

Dr. Darwin LAU

The Chinese Unversity of Hong Kong

11:45 – 12:00

Young Innovator Sharing 2: Autosafe - Automatic danger (AI Site Danger Detection)

Mr. Issac LEE

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Sharing from Dream Girls

14:00 – 15:00

Sharing from Dream Girls